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 Hello! Welcome to my first blog post as your Superintendent.  I believe the Ada Icon and Ada Herald published biographical information about me, so I won’t bore you with all of that.  However, I thought in this first post I would tell you what I’ve learned about the Ada Exempted Village School District, the community that makes up the district, and even about Hardin County in terms of education.

The first people I met in the Ada district were your Board members.  Your Board members are a diverse group of individuals, which is helpful when decisions need to be made.  They took the work of selecting a superintendent very seriously, but were warm, professional, and welcoming throughout the process.  They provided a great deal of information about the district, and asked well prepared, varied, and challenging questions.  They even asked candidates to prepare a presentation analyzing some provided data.  The interviews were comprehensive and thorough.  This Board has been supportive in my first months, but has high expectations for their superintendent and other employees.  That speaks volumes about your district as well.

From the moment I signed my contract, I was greeted by community members who were warm and welcoming.  I’ve been invited to various groups and events, and always feel welcome.  On January 3, I officially started in the office.  The staff in the central office were so kind and patient, and continue to be amazing people with which to work.  You have a great treasurer, assistant treasurer, and executive assistant in this district.  That’s extremely important for a district to thrive.  On January 4, the teachers and students came back from Christmas break.  I immediately noticed the climate in the buildings.  The staff is friendly and helpful, and they have fun doing what they do.  When members of the staff have life challenges, the staff rallies around them to encourage, support, and provide whatever assistance they can.  Ada students took no time at all to greet me, introduce themselves to me, and also make me feel at home.

Sometime in the first two weeks, I had my first meeting with supervisors and administrators in the building.  Over the last two months I’ve worked with all of these leaders, and I impressed with each one of them.  Not only is each leader well suited to his/her position and possesses strong knowledge and skills fitted to his/her position, but each one is also so student centered in their approach to their daily work decision making.  Your school nurse, transportation and maintenance supervisor, your principal and assistant principals, and your cafeteria supervisor are all quality individuals with great character and heart.

The risk in listing people or thanking a variety of people is always in inadvertently leaving someone off of that list.  However, I couldn’t wait anymore to thank everyone who has reached out, introduced themselves, welcomed my family and me, etc.  Obviously I was nervous coming to a new school and community, from a district and community I had grown to love, but I can definitely say I am extraordinarily glad I was selected, and that I accepted this position, and I will do my best to serve these children in a way that makes you all glad, too.

Until next time,

Mrs. Meri Skilliter Smile

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Central Office Staff

Superintendent: Mrs. Meri Skilliter
Treasurer: Mrs. Kim Light
Asst. Treasurer: Mrs. Cami Nichelson
Executive Secretary: Mrs. Gigi Fetter

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